Monday, July 8, 2013


Happiness is finding someone you like waiting at the door!

This is a so true and even more so when my good friend Sarah came to visit me all the way from Australia.

Some of our adventures included a midnight yacht ride in the bay and a trip to Bridgeport Hampton! Spending time exploring Brooklyn or "Brooky" as we like to call it at the various flea markets and parks.  Eating italian ices at Coney Island, brunching in the West Village, Brooklyn Bridge walking, New Yorker talking, thrifting and Century 21ing it!.

After 6 months away from Australia, it was great to see something familiar from home.  The city of New York is a big and wondrous place, one needs to adapt to survive and live day to day in this town.  I think it was great for her to see how I have adapted, and it was great for me to see how she too has adapted and become accustomed to her new life as a newly wed.  See her destination wedding blog here.

Although its not always as glamourous and pretty as an episode of "Sex and the City", I would liken  New York to be like a man that spins plates.  The more plates that are spun, the more options and possible opportunities one has.  So he tries to keep them spinning all at once,  until one falls and he has one less option to worry about!  Now to concentrate on the remainder until you are left with the right choice!  Some would say that this can be said of apartments, job hunting and dating in this city.

There is a saying that is very prevalent in this town " Keep it moving"  You can't stay still or you will get stuck, and you can't look back, so you just keep it moving!

When you are living in a city with so many options, and your head sometimes feels like its going to spin off, its nice to find a familiar face at the front door.

Speaking of keeping it moving, I better let you all get on with the rest of your day!  Have a great one!

page taken from "Happiness is a warm puppy" by Charles Schulz

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