Monday, July 1, 2013


Happiness is a new raincoat, well aint that the truth!
Especially when its a Patty Fields clear caplet with black trim binding!

Having it forecast to rain the whole of last week in New York with not one drop in sight, it was with surprised relief when it did start to rain!  It certainly helped clear away all that humidity!

I had just packed away all my winter clothes, but was eager to pull out my favorite gumboots, it was like christmas all over again!   Any opportunity to wear my rain boots!  I bought them on sale from Tommy Hilfiger, they were the last pair and in my size.  For all those folks who believe in serendipity, THIS was totally meant to be!

Apart from wearing them with jeans, I love wearing them with little dressers, puts a real feminine edge on them!

So whatever you are up to today, hope you stay dry, and keep that smile on your dial!

page taken from "Happiness is a warm puppy" by Charles Schulz

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