Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So much has been happening recently, that I haven't had a chance to post lately.  So to get me back into the swing of things, I thought I would take a break from the "archive" and talk about where the idea for the name "Avenue e" has come from along with its logo.

For those of you who have studied fashion, or design of any kind will know how important concept is to your design.  Everything must have a meaning and reason why you chose it - colour, shape, imagery.

For me Avenue e has relevance to New York - when you think of the word avenue - most people think of 5th avenue(well I do anyway!).  In New York there is avenue a and b, but no e.  It reminds me that in life sometimes we take different avenues, going from plan a to b to c... to get to avenue e.  Because there is no avenue e,(in Manhattan, as opposed to greater NY) it is something that I want to carve out for myself, when I make it back to NY and hope to have my own little piece of the city.

So in saying all this - how did I want to translate all this thru my logo?

Well the font I used, is something that I would think of 5th avenue - resonates with NY and perhaps it's subconscious, but the credits of one of my favourite New York shows are in a similar font.

I thought it would be cute to have an apple in the logo to symbolize the big apple, but then wasn’t quite feeling it - a little clich√© perhaps.  I thought about another icon, the I heart New York.  After some thought I had a light bulb moment, merging the two together to show my love for the big apple.  The e is then carved out in the centre to show my quest to carve out a piece of the city for my own.

In regards to colour, as you can see I started off with black and white, which is quite striking, but I've always had a thing for grey font, esp. with black and white pictures, I think it looks great. So I decided to stick with this.  I adore certain soft colours and am not afraid to wear them either, so this seems like the right choice.

So there you have it, the reasons explaining my design process.  See below my development and progression of the label, which do you resonate with?  Do you think I made the right choice?

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