Sunday, July 14, 2013


Sundays are great for summertime fun in the sun!  And what better way to spend your afternoon than heading down to one of the many flea markets that New York has to offer!

When my pal Sarah was in town we headed up to the Brooklyn Flea Market.

As we ventured through the streets of Brooklyn, I couldn't help but notice such beautiful old houses that had been restored.  Finding these houses along the way certainly made our trip getting there more like a period architectural treasure hunt!

As soon as we approached the market and looked beyond the rail steel fence we got a glimpse of the wonderful treasures that awaited us inside!

Looking around there was an array of vintage as far as the eye could see.  Wonderful stalls filled with all sorts of wonderful finds.  Everything from old postcards to furniture, clothing and photographs, ribbons and trims, old toys, and vintage beauty cases just to name a few.  Along with ice cream and some cute hipster guys floating around as an additional eye candy!

So if you are looking for vintage americana and have a spare sunday afternoon in New York, I highly recommend this spot!

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