Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Being a Designer in the Fashion Festival, not only allows you to showcase your garments in a fabulous parade, it also grants you an exclusive invitation to the opening party at Government House.

Even though I have lived in Melbourne all of my life, I do on the odd occasion happen to mistake one location for another.  This day happened to be one of those occasions.

I met my friend Jason in front of The Parliament House steps, after making some inquiries we realised we were at the wrong location.  The party was in fact at Government House, not Parliament House.  Ah Government, Parliament it all sounds like politics to me!

So there we were, running late for a very important date, when Jason had an idea to get us there at the speed of light.
As we walked around the corner, there stood my modern day knight in shiny armour (minus the knight).  It was a GTV 300 Shiny Black Vespa Scooter with 22.00 horse power.

Okay, I like it and it definitely has vintage appeal, but how does this picture look to you: silk satin cocktail dress, helmet hair, wind and a scooter?

After a quick trip thru traffic we arrived at our destination. Passing past the porches’, and BMW’s we arrived in classic, unique “Spiritt” style and made our entrance.

The people at ticketing took one look at us and asked “You’re a designer aren’t you?”

Well that’s one way to make a lasting impression!  Lucky for me I had my hair curled for the event, so the helmet hair just enhanced my look.

It was a great day, thank you to Jason for accompanying me as well as Justin from Ticketing.


In front of my studio wearing one of my designs

Inside Governement House

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